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My favourite Amazon Tour (3 days)

I would meet you at the airport and bring you home at Alter do chao. If you have no time to enjoy the beach you will do at one point, but I dont think you came over for that)


The next morning we drive to Santarem(35mn) to vist the market and catch a nice, safe and clean boat to head to the Meeting of the Waters. We do Pink Dolphin watching on the way to Maica River. Here we meet my good friend Sebastiao (we work together for 30 years now). Maybe have a drink with him at his place and literally drag (he will be pleased to be) him to Maica best wildlife places. More pink dolphins, sloths, three species of primates, Hoatzins and many other birds species are observed there. Scenicly the place is incredible.


Our boat will be anchoured in the middle of a quiet lake(no mosquitoes!!) where more pink dolphins come to check us. Delicious meals are served with delicious caipirinhas and fruit juices etc. We sleep!


Next morning we go early bird-watching towards back Santarem, after early lunch we get on my car to drive South to the Tapajos National Forest. At Km67 (base named Terra Rica) we visit the area the belonged to my family before the park was created. There are still cocoa plantation, rubber tree plantation left by my family and a huge Kapok tree that we used to play hide and seek as little boys.


We hike a bit in trails built by indigenous people and used by my uncles to hunt, collect fruit and medicines.


We set our camp to have a great barbcue at night and rest in the middle of an amazing Rainforest(No Mosquitoes). On the way back we drive through Belterra, the second city founded by Henry Ford and some communities. We arrive back to Alter do chao in time for the sunset followed by caipirinhas, cold beers juices.....


Maica and the Tapajos National forest are the only pristine places in the area. Both are under threat, both are hystorical sites. So the tour is about enjoying nature at the best, learning about the history of the places and the enviromental issues involved.


We provide Leicas and Swaroviskis and my new guide-book in order to enjoy wildlife at best


Photos taken by Bryan Hutchings