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Dear Madam and /or Sir,

Firstly I should like to thank you for your enquiry. Secondly I would like to introduce a bit of myself and my family History followed by the information on my special designed tours for cruiseship passengers.

My grand father was a sephardic Jewish from Morocco. He settled in Boim, a village up the Tapajos river in 1855. He encouraged the natives to grow rubber trees and started his own rubber tree plantation.

In 1866 several families of American confederates moved to Santarem, these did businesses with my grand father and became friends.

In 1870’s The Wickhams arrived and were hosted by The Rikers. Six years later, Henry Wickham was commissioned by Joseph Hooker, diretor of Kew Gardens, to take 70.000 seeds of rubber tree which he got from my grand father. My grand father passed away in 1923 and rests in the Jewish cemitery of Boim.

The truth about my grand father Henry Wickham and the seeds of rubber tree

The Jewish cemitery

Lots of books about all this, Joe Jackson’s The Thief at the end of the world and Greg Grandin’s Fordlandia, The rise and fall os Henry Ford’s forgotten jungle town are my favourites. You may also want to read Shinzo Kohjiya’s Natural Rubber.